Welcome to the PRML Lab!

The PRML Lab at Gachon University is led by Prof. Sang-Woong Lee. We mainly focus on developing computer vision algorithms for tasks like face recognition, action recognition, cancer detection, parking-lot occupancy detection, intelligent solar panel fault detection, etc. We are mainly interested in the following research areas:

  • Face Recognition
  • Action Recognition
  • Medical Image Analysis
  • Object Classification
  • Image Segmentation

Recent News

Mr. Sahadev has received an award, “the best paper”, in Domestic Conference on Next Computing Generation, May 2019.

Mr. C. Henry's paper, "Automatic Trimap Generation and Artifact Reduction in Alpha Matte using Unknown Region Detection" has been in press in Expert Systems with Applications, May 2019.

Dr. Vo's paper, "Classification of Breast Cancer Histology Images using Incremental Boosting Convolution Networks" has been published in Information Science, March 2019.

Mr. Quang's paper, "Robust Boundary Segmentation in Medical Images using a Consecutive Deep Encoder-Decoder Network," has been published in IEEE Access, March 2019.

Selected publications

D. M. Vo, N.-Q. Nguyen, and S.-W. Lee, "Classification of Breast Cancer Histology Images Using Incremental Boosting Convolution Networks," Information Sciences, Vol. 482, May 2019, pp. 123-138(IF: 4.305, Rank: 7.8%).

D. M. Vo and S.-W. Lee, "Robust Face Recognition Using Hierarchical Collaborative Representation," Information Sciences, Vol. 432, March 2018, pp. 332-346(IF: 4.832, Rank: 4.5%)

C. Henry and S.-W. Lee, "Automatic Trimap Generation and Artifact Reduction in Alpha Matte using Unknown Region Detection," Expert Systems with Applications (In press, IF: 3.768, Rank: 8.9%)

S.-W. Lee, J. Park, S.-W. Lee, "Low Resolution Face Recognition Based on Support Vector Data Description," Pattern Recognition, Vol. 39, No. 9, 2006, pp. 1809-1812(IF: 3.965/ more than 100 citations).

S.-W. Lee, S.-H. Moon, and S.-W. Lee, "Face Recognition under Arbitrary Illumination Using Illuminated Exemplars," Pattern Recognition, Vol. 40, No. 5, May 2007, pp. 1605-1620(IF: 3.965).

Project In progress

Application of Artificial intelligence on inflammatory bowel disease

Object Tracking Based on Color Information and Locally Segmented Area for DIgital Contents Work

Development of Intelligent Software Technologies for Medical Data Analysis

Weather Information Proceesing System based on Bigdata and AI

Analysis of behavior based on senior life log - Artificial Intelligence Health Care Research Center

PRML Sclera-Net CNN models can be accessed here...