Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Lab

The PRML Lab at Gachon University is led by Prof. Sang-Woong Lee. We mainly focus on developing computer vision algorithms for tasks like medical image analysis, object detection, face recognition, parking-lot occupancy detection, etc

Our Research Area

Medical Image Analysis

Medical image analysis is a research field focused on using image processing techniques to interpret and extract valuable information from medical images.


Bioinformatics employs computation and data analysis to study biological processes, including DNA sequencing and protein structure prediction.

Object Detection

Object detection research is a field to identify specific objects within images or videos and locate their positions.

Image Segmentation

Image segmentation is the process of dividing an image into meaningful and distinct regions or objects.

Face Analysis

Face analysis refers to the process of examining and extracting information from facial features and expressions.

Action Recognition

Action recognition research focuses on developing methods and algorithms to automatically detect and understand human actions from video sequences.

Recent News


Participation in the KINGPC conference held in Changwon

Five lab members attended the KINGPC conference on June 23rd, where Mr. Tak and Ms. Alabdulwahab were honored with an award for their oral presentation, and Mr. Choi was awarded for his poster presentation.

2023 Summer Graduation

Summer Graduation

On August 24th, Astha achieved her Master's degree. We extend our heartiest congratulations and best wishes for her future endeavors.

Lab Gathering

Lab gathering with all members and alumni

On September 8th, we had our PRML gathering with all of our members and alumnus. We had so much fun togwther.

Project in progress

실내공기 생물 유해인자에 대한 세포 및 생물체 반을 평가를 위한 인공지능 모델링 기법 개발

초정밀 지자기 실내측위 기반 해군 함정의 실시간 디지털 트윈서비스 및 AR글래스를 이용한 대테러 작전 숙행 시스템 연구

잠재공간 속 설명 가능한 스타일 속성을 활용한 위장 질활 이미지 생성


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